About us

We at Howard Photography are based in the North London area, although we initially began in the heart of the city itself. Our expanding business has called for more space and a larger studio, and so that is why we moved here in recent years. The truth is we maintain connections throughout the United Kingdom and have traveled afar for destination weddings. This past year, for example, we shot weddings in France and Portugal, and we are open to expanding the locations to which we travel in the coming years.

All of our part time and on-call staff members have been carefully vetted and selected by our full time staff. All have at least three years of experience shooting weddings, and most have been recognized through local and national photography societies. Most have also won multiple awards for their work and are highly sought after throughout the area.

Please know that we do also offer videography services. Most of our base wedding packages include at least some level of videography, but we encourage all clients to be vocal about how much filming they want done at their wedding and surrounding events. While our principal photographers do have video capabilities and are experienced with such, we highly recommend adding a full videographer to your day in order to make sure things run as efficiently as possible.

The number of hours we spend covering a wedding, portrait shoot or other occasion will vary depending on the event’s size and your needs as our client. For most wedding days we recommend a minimum of five hours, starting with time spent getting ready, going through the ceremony and then concluding during the first portion of the reception. Nevertheless, we find that a lot of couples are happier with shoots that run seven to nine hours as this allows for more detailed coverage of the day.

Because we believe that all weddings are unique and we truly do not follow the simplistic “one size fits all” mantra, we do not have our prices listed here on our website, we often do special prices like we did for the Casino heroes campaign for freespinsnodepositnowager.com. Please call and schedule a consultation so that we may offer you the most appropriate price for the specific kind of photography coverage you are looking for. We promise that all of our quotes are very reasonable for the high class service we provide. It is true that we could drone on and on about the details of our service and what kind of photo shoots we offer, but at this point we would like to encourage you to give us a call or shoot us an email. That way we can talk with you and tell you more about how we can specifically help you and your photography needs.

At this point we would like to mention that at Howard Photography we do not do it all alone. How could we? We are very proud to be currently sponsored by Canon and Sony, and our highly advanced equipment reflects this. We have previously partnered with companies like Nikon and Dolby Digital. When we work your wedding or other special event, know that your special moments are being captured with the best technology. For the uninitiated, professional photographers are only sponsored by businesses who believe their work will benefit from their sponsorship / equipment. Likewise, we only accept sponsorship from businesses and professionals whom we admire and who have solid histories within the industry. If you are a company or individual who is interested in joining our respected team of sponsors, please contact us at photographer@howardweddingphotography.co.uk. We look forward to talking!