We were not always Howard Wedding Photography. Although we are a team today, we began years ago as individuals just trying to explore ourselves and the world through artistry and a lens. Though we didn’t all start out photographing weddings, this is the niche where we all came to find our talents shown through the best. To do one’s best work with photography, one must be passionate. We are passionate about doing weddings because of the joy that comes across on those special days and the beauty that just seems to be everywhere organically.

A. Howard began experimenting with photography back in the early 2000s when she was a university student. While it was not her course of study, she soon found that it was where her real interest resided. She began taking photos on the side as a means to bring in extra money, but it was not long after graduation that it became a full-time occupation. Nevertheless, it was not until 2010 that she began photographing her first weddings. Realizing how much of an instant thrill it was, she took on an apprenticeship with top London wedding photography business, Bloom Images. She won the Newcomer Wedding Photography Award in 2011, and she has continued to capture the most beautiful, thrilling moments in weddings ever since.

B. Howard met A in 2014, after already having become an established portrait photographer himself. Although he started out photographing families and taking school portraits, it also was not long until he realized weddings were where he was meant to be thanks to photographing a friend’s nuptials in 2008. Specialising in natural light wedding shoots, B loves to capture outdoor and rustic themed weddings. He won the Outdoor Wedding Photography Award in 2013 and actually started working regularly with A after first collaborating with her on a wedding in Surrey Hills.

C. Howard is our resident video director, having produced over 200 beautiful wedding videos. He joined the team in late 2015, after graduating from the London Film Academy with a Documentary Diploma and an MA in Filmmaking. Filming weddings has always been a passion of his. While he loves shooting the big party moments his favorite shoots are actually the quieter moments, such as a couple’s “first look” or a simple stroll through the venue before guests arrive. He currently uses Final Cut Pro X to edit it all together, providing a seamless journey through the couple’s special day that they will be able to watch over and over for years to come.

Together we make up Howard Wedding Photography, which we officially launched and licensed in 2015. In addition to two main photographers and a video director we also have several highly experienced on-call photographers and two on-call videographers (most of our staff is experienced with both video and photography, however). Today we are proud to have become one of the top photography companies in not just the North London area, but the United Kingdom itself. We have won multiple local and national contests (both as individuals and as a team), and we are highly sought after each wedding season.